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Data and review decisions

The Drug and Health Product Register (DHPR) collects and combines information into a single system. This makes it easier for you to access the information you need about health products.

The sources of information include the:

Drug Product Database

The DPD contains product-specific information on approximately 15,000 marketed health products approved for use in Canada. The database includes:

  • veterinary drugs
  • disinfectant products
  • human drugs

The DPD also includes links to the full product monograph (PM) when available. A product monograph is a scientific document that includes important information on the drug in three sections. Part 1 is for Health Professionals, part 2 is scientific information, and part 3 contains information specifically for consumers on the drug's:

  • safety
  • correct usage
  • common side effects

The DHPR contains basic information from the DPD, including:

  • dosages
  • manufacturers
  • active ingredients
  • names of products
  • routes of administration (how the drug is given, for example: oral, inhaler, patch, directly into a vein)
  • drug identification numbers (DIN)

Review Decisions

An RDS explains the decision for certain health products (including drugs and medical devices) seeking market authorization. An RDS includes the:

  • purpose of the submission
  • reason for the decision

SBD documents explain why certain drugs and medical devices were approved for sale in Canada. The considerations in the documents include:

  • safety
  • regulations
  • effectiveness and quality in terms of chemistry and manufacturing

An SSR accompanies other safety related information to help you make informed decisions about your medication choices. Each summary outlines:

  • assessment
  • findings
  • action taken, if any

All reports can be accessed by searching for the:

  • manufacturer
  • active ingredients
  • drug or device name
  • DIN or licence number

Canada Vigilance Online Adverse Reaction Database

The Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database contains information about side effects (suspected adverse reactions) of health products. This information is provided by:

  • volunteer submissions from:
    • consumers
    • health professionals
  • regulation-required submissions from:
    • manufacturers
    • distributors (market authorization holders)
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